The First and the Last

Our last in-service Mirage (bus #1503, also known as #880) has left the building. Eric Annett, father of David and Brian Annett, and Kelly Brown delivered the bus this week to a used bus dealer in Arcadia where it is awaiting sale. Eric purchased Annett  Bus Lines’ first new Prevost charter bus in 1981; he still owns that bus (#81) and you can see it parked behind the Sebring garage, although it has not been used in several years.

Kelly was the first driver to drive bus #81 back in the day, so we thought it was fitting that he be the last Annett driver to drive #1503, last in-service Mirage bus, to its retirement home. The engine on this bus was just rebuilt by Annett mechanic, Randy, so we all know the next owner will be in good hands.
– David Annett

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3 comments on “The First and the Last

  1. Pat (Mullis) Clayton says:

    Dear Mr. & Mrs. Annett: I would like to share a fond memory with you…. Remember your first bus that you brought (filled with groups) to the Ice Capades in Tampa? I was the Group Sales Director at the time and I was fortunate to be the one to invite you. Since that time I have followed your success–and again–remember with fond memories. I am currently temporarily living at Fairway Pines Retirement in Sebring but shall be returning to Dade City soon. May God continue to bless all of you and have a blessed Christmas….

  2. Carol Hamilton says:

    I used to work for Annette Travel,I was the first black american to become a travel agent in Highlands county . Jamie was a very brilliant travel agent along with Diane harding. My name is Carol Hamilton. We were some of the people who help maintain the Annette name. Where are you guys? I’m still in Avon park. God bless you all where you are.

    1. Tamra says:

      Thank you Carol for your inquiry. Annett Bus Lines still has its Corporate Offices in Sebring. We no longer have a Travel Agency Division which is who you may have worked with in the past. We simply charter buses for groups who already have their trip plans coordinated. We’d be happy to assist you with any charter bus needs you may have. Simply give us a call at 863-655-5547. We’d enjoy hearing from you!

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