At Annett, all of our mechanics are Industry Certified. Annett provides Safety behind the scenes to ensure Quality, Safety and Reliability on the Front Line!

At Annett Bus Lines, all routine maintanence is handled in-house and scheduled based on each vehicle’s mileage. We take pride in our regimented tune-up routines. This regimen allows us to manage the life-span of various components so that they may be replaced before they fail.

The exterior of our buses are just as important as the interiors. That is why both are kept in excellent repair and cleaned prior to each charter to guarantee a safe charter bus experience!

With the largest fleet of Prevost motorcoaches in the Southeast, our comprehensive inventory of parts also attributes to our ability to minimize the time our coaches are out-of-service.


Annett is embracing the way of the future by continually integrating new technology to better serve our valued customers!


Annett utilizes state-of-the art technology to maximize our efficiency in communicating with our customers as well as dispatching and operating buses.

Our Sales Team utilizes a real-time TMS (Time Management System) system to track our customer’s needs up to a year out. No need to worry about forgetting to plan your trip details, we’ll remind you!

Our Operations Team utilizes one of the most cutting-edge Private Hire and Contract Booking Systems where “Going Green” is not just a figure of speech! This virtually paperless system allows our Dispatchers to maintain Driver Records, Schedules, Bus Locations and much more!



OnBoard Amenities:

Annett provides some of the most desirable On-Board Amenities. Whether it’s Satellite TV and WiFi Internet Access or Electrical Outlets, these Hi-Tech amenities provide our customers with live entertainment and the convenience of utilizing smart phones, computers and hand-held gaming devices while on-board.



Engine Efficiency:

The Volvo D13 Engine by Prevost meets the requirements of the new, more stringent, heavy duty diesel PA emissions standards for 2010 and beyond. The D13 Volvo also reduces diesel emissions and improves air quality beyond the 2010 standards, while simultaneously increasing fuel efficiency.



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