It goes without saying that traveling by bus can often times be a long journey. We’ve put together some suggestions to help you enjoy your bus trip while keeping with the “bus theme”.

Entertainment: It’s always important to be prepared with lot of things to do. Make sure all your devices are charged and any new movies or games are downloaded before you get on board. The internet service on-board the bus will not let you download files so be prepared before you climb aboard! You may enjoy one of a many Bus themed game apps that you can find in the App Store. One game that we like is Offroad Tourist Bus Simulator. What trip goes without a good “bus” book. Some suggestions we have are Last Bus Out by Beck McDowell or The Christmas Bus by Melody Carlson. Both very entertaining and engaging!

Packing: The advantage of riding a bus is that you’re not limited in size for your luggage. Most buses have three to four large luggage bays so you should not have a problem taking all of your things. Unlike an airplane, there is no under-the-seat bag storage. Buses usually have a footrest so that will prohibit you stowing your travel bag under the seat in front of you. We suggest bringing a very light travel bag (standard backpack size is ideal) onboard. It can be stored overhead.

Snacks: We know you’ll get hungry enroute so choose snacks that are healthy and NOT messy! All drinks need to have a screwtop lid so that you can stow them without spilling. Fruit, vegetables and granola bars are always a good choice. Refrain from bringing any nuts that need to be shelled or dipping sauces for chips or vegetables.

What to wear: Plan to wear comfortable clothes such as sweat pants or yoga pants. If you don’t plan to keep your shoes on, be sure to pack a clean pair of socks to wear so that your fellow passengers are not bothered by any foot odor. Bring a sweater or lightweight jacket. The air conditioning can sometimes get cool. When you’re not wearing it, your jacket serves as a great pillow or roll it up for back support!

Nifty supplies: If you’re traveling through the night, plan to bring a small pillow or neck pillow. Pack an eye mask and don’t forget the earplugs. You can also find a variety of brands that make noise reduction headphones. These are great at any time but especially when you’re trying to sleep. A light weight lap blanket might be helpful if you have space in your back to fit it in! Finally don’t forget the Santi-Wipes or hand sanitizer. Many buses are equipped with dispensers in the bathroom and at the door but it’s nice to have it at your seat when you want a quick snack.

Capture the moment: Finally, don’t forget your camera. Many of us use our phones so just keep it handy! Your journey may take you pass some amazing sites that you may never get to see again. Be ready to ‘snap’ the moment. Share them with us too! We love seeing your adventures and often times we post pictures we receive from groups on our social media sites. We especially love pictures of the group with our bus!

We hope you find this tips helpful for your Thanksgiving Travel or any over-the-road bus trip you have planned. As one of the safest and most Green Modes of transportation, we look forward to transporting you and your group soon! Request a quote here!

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One comment on “Our Top Thanksgiving Travel Tips

  1. Andrea says:

    I traveled on one of your coaches right about the time you write this post — November 2016. The trip was from The Villages in Florida to the train station at Lakeland. My driver was John Harris and I thought he did such a good job, I wanted to let you know. Then I misplaced his business card.

    It’s been several months, but I just found the court and haven’t forgotten how professional and responsible he was . . . and how attuned to driving safely. So, for what it’s worth, I was very happy with your service and with Mr. Harris’s driving.

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