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At Annett, we consider ourselves a leader in the motorcoach industry. We continually are looking for ways to stay a leader by striving to exceed our Core Values—Safety First, Serve Others, Exceed Expectations and Enjoy the Journey.

Leadership doesn’t come by chance. Successful leaders have TEN best practices they strive to maintain. 

We Teach

We conduct bi-annual meetings for our drivers and host an array of learning sessions for our Ops and Sales teams throughout the year!

We Listen

We encourage our clients to complete a Traveler’s Satisfaction Report which allows us to promptly address concerns with equipment or service. We also recognize one outstanding driver from these entries on a weekly basis! Follow us on Facebook or Twitter to see who our weekly winners are! 

Challenge Ourselves

We continually challenge ourselves to provide you with the best experience. We have a full-time staff confirming itineraries for all of our charters to secure that both driver and group leader are on the same page. Serving Others is important to us!

Lead by Example

We set the standard for safety! One example of this is that we limit our driver’s hours for night-driving. We enforce fewer drive-hours than the DOT considers legal simply because the night driver is dangerous, and we want our drivers to be alert at all times. Keeping you safe is our first priority!

Solve Problems

Our weekly full-staff team meetings on Monday allow us to review any opportunities within our organization that need improving. As a team, we solve problems quickly!

Inspiring Vision

Our vision has been to service the state of Florida more efficiently and effectively than our competitors. With five garages throughout the state and over 45 buses in our fleet, you can be assured that we have you covered where ever you travel!

Don’t Boast

Although we feel we are the best in the industry, we understand that we have very competent competitors. We continually strive to ensure that we are competitively priced and exceed your expectations!

Do What Matters

We do what it takes to ensure you’re taken care of! With over 40-years of experience and five garages strategically located throughout the state, we are very equipped to get any issues that arise resolved efficiently!

Help Employees Grow

The majority of our employees have at least 5 years of experience with us with many exceeding 15-20 years! Longevity empowers our employees to grow in the knowledge of our business and in turn, enhances our service to the client and our team members! 

Be Forgiving

At Annett, we know no one is perfect. Travel schedules don’t always go as planned due to traffic, weather, unforeseen delays. We strive to make every experience you charter with us enjoyable no matter what circumstances come our way! At Annett, we want you to Enjoy the Journey!

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