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Top 10 Reasons to Live, Work and Invest in Gainesville, FL

    1. Diverse Economy –  Gainesville’s industries sectors have grown with the times!
    2. Higher Education – The University of Florida is one of the largest universities in the country!Gainesville FL Jobs
    3. Talented  Workforce – Residents hold 80% more master’s degrees and 15% more bachelor’s degrees than the national average.
    4. Startup Success – The region has the most business incubators per capita in the US.
    5. Entrepreneurial Spirit – Small Business thrive because of the resources available to them locally.
    6. Innovation – The Innovation Gainesville Initiative creates jobs, promotes the area and retains successful business.
    7. Collaboration and Leadership – Major business entities work to develop a healthy business climate.
    8. Proximity to Major Markets – Easy access to East Coast and Southeast markets.
    9. Heath Care – Gainesville is the home of two of the state’s best Medical Centers: UF and NF Medical Center and Veterans Affairs Medical Center.
    10. Superior Quality of Life – Mild year-round climates, six state parks and arts & culture keep residents active and entertained.


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