Annett Bus Lines Core Values

Safety FirstServe Others – Exceed Expectations – Enjoy the Journey


Five Reasons to Serve Others

1. Serve to discover abundance:  The radical shift from ‘me’ to ‘we’.

Uncover the full range of resources you have—your time, presence and attention.  It’s a state of mind and heart!

2. Serve to express gratitude

Service doesn’t start when we have something to give – it blossoms naturally when we have nothing left to take.

3. Serve to transform yourself

Even the smallest act of giving changes the deeply embedded habit of self-centeredness!

4. Serve to honor our profound interconnection

When you help you see life as weak,  When you fix, you see life at broken.  When you serve, you see life as whole!

5. Serve to align with a natural unfolding

What each can do to serve at a small level will create the field for deeper change!


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