Did you know that Annett Bus Lines has the highest safety rating from both the DOD and DOT? That’s right! Quality, Safety and Reliability has been a way of life at Annett for over 35 years. Our record stands the test everyday traveling in excess of 2.6 million miles annually.

Annett Bus Lines has maintained the highest DOD (Department of Defense) rating through two biannual inspections and the highest United States DOT (Department of Transportation) rating through a recent focused compliance review. Annett goes the “extra mile” to ensure that our passengers are safe!

At Annett, Safety is not just a department, it’s our Company Culture! Our full-time Safety Director has over eleven years of experience in the industry and over five years in Safety Management. Annett’s professional driving team is highly trained and retrained. In fact, all drivers are required to attend an annual refresher course covering regulations and safety standards.

But as this fall season sets in and days get shorter we know our drivers will be spending more time on the road at night, which is always a safety concern. Unfortunately, driving at night poses more safety hazards than driving during daylight hours. According to the National Safety Council, traffic death rates are three times greater at night compared to the day. That’s largely because drivers can’t see their environment as well, plus they are more likely to be fatigued at night.

Safety is not something we take lightly at Annett and that’s why we go the extra mile to ensure our drivers are thoroughly trained, knowledgeable of proper safety procedures and strictly adhere to required driving regulations.

Please enjoy reading the rest of the quoted article about driving safety here: Fleet Safety Video Tip: Driving at Dusk and Night

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