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16 Facts about Washington D.C. you never knew were true

1.        There are 1000-12000 items lost on the Metro every month.Washington Monument

2.       There is no “J Street”.

3.       DC residents drink more wine per capita than residents in any of the 50 states.

4.       There is an empty crypt beneath the Capitol building

5.       There is also a Nuclear Fall Out Shelter underneath the Capitol building

6.       Three alligators have lived in the White House

7.       Washington D.C. resident could not vote for president until 1961.

8.       Washington D.C. was actually built on a mosquito infested swamp

9.       You can find a top secret FBI interrogation manual at the Library of Congress

10.   There’s a private subway that connects the Capitol buildings and the House and Senate office buildings

11.   The Washington Monument moves…technically.

12.   Washington DC is technically name after George Washington but did you know it’s also named after Christopher Columbus? (District of Columbia)

13.   The seventh inning stretch originated in Washington D.C.

14.   DC averages 39” of rain every year which is more than Seattle.

15.   There is a marble bathtub in the basement of the Capitol.

16.   The Library of Congress is the biggest library in the world!

Source –; written by Maura


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