Driving Safety Tips for Halloween

Driving safety is always important, but it’s particularly important on holidays when there are more drivers on the road and more excitement in the air. Here are 10 driving safety tips to keep Halloween happy!

  1. Use your headlights – but not your brights!
  2. Don’t drive distracted – put your cellphone away and stay alert!
  3. Turn the radio down – you want to be able to hear another car’s horn, or if someone is yelling.
  4. Drive slower than the posted speed limit – increase your response time!
  5. Scan the road, especially at corners or crosswalks – do not assume kids see you, or that they are paying attention!
  6. Don’t pass other cars stopped in the street – kids are easily hidden out of sight behind or beside cars.
  7. Exit driveways and pull onto streets with extreme caution – again, kids can easily be in your blind spots and they probably aren’t paying attention!
  8. Communicate with other drivers – use your hazards when pulling over to drop off kids.
  9. Designate a sober driver if you’re celebrating – have fun, but make good choices!
  10. Alert law enforcement if you see unsafe driving – help keep everyone safe!

Use common sense and safe driving practices to make sure you and those around you have a safe and happy Halloween!

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