Featured Team Member : John Harris

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John was nominated by the Sales and Operations team this week as our Traveler’s Satisfaction Report winner.  John received a “glowing” review from our recent passengers. Here’s what they had to say:

“Mr John was very considerate of an older customer’s needs. I’m not familiar with travel on bus or Amtrak. His driving style was beyond reproach.” – Alex

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Featured Team Member : Larry Elrod

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Congratulations to our #DriveOfTheWeek, Larry!

“Another great golf trip on Annett! Larry is a great driver. He has been our driver the past two years and we hope for many more.” – Dennis

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Featured Team Member : Rey Reynolds

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Congrats to our #DriverOfTheWeek, Rey!

“Rey was wonderful! He put up with all of our silliness and laughed with us.” – Marcia

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Featured Team Member : Del

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Congrats to our #DriverOfTheWeek, Del!

“Del made our trip simply Amazing! Not only was Del an excellent driver, he was very personal and professional. He helped with luggage, pointed out the sights as we drove and even sat with the students at breakfast. We truly appreciated Del’s humor and attention. I cannot say enough about how much we enjoyed our trip!” – Dillon

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Featured Team Member : Tony

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Congratulations to our #DriverOfTheWeek!

“Tony is an exceptional individual! Very courteous and a joy to be with. He took excellent care of our group, not to mention he has great driving skills.” – Vickie

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Featured Team Member : Pam

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Congratulations to this week’s #DriverOfTheWeek, Pam!

“Our driver Pam was safe, on time, professional, and courteous. Her skillful driving allowed all of us to relax, enjoy the trip and get back on time.” -Doyle

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Featured Team Member : Al

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Huge congrats to our #DriverOfTheWeek, Al!

“I’d like to take a moment and thank you all for making this a wonderful trip. Al was a great driver. He knew his way around the city very well and made the trip so much less stressful. We will be using Annett for our next year’s trip as well. Great bus, very clean, loved that it had WIFI and power supply.” – Scottie

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Featured Team Member : Michelle

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Congratulations to this week’s #DriverOfTheWeek, Michelle!

“Michelle was amazing!! We had a bus full of kids and she jumped right in with a smile on her face! She was wonderful with the kids and pitched right in to help me with the coolers too! Thank you again for making this huge endeavor run so smoothly!”

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Featured Team Member : Pam

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Congratulations to Pam, our #DriverOfTheWeek!

“The trip was outstanding, but the best part was our driver. She was exceptional in all respects. She worked very hard loading and unloading golf clubs. She was polite and professional. She should be commended for such an excellent job – we will request her again next year for sure!” -Paul

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Featured Team Member : Mr. DeYoung

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Congrats to our #DriverOfTheWeek!

“Mr. DeYoung was very professional, friendly and accommodating to our group. When we were made aware of a Veteran’s Day Parade schedule near the time of our arrival, Curtis went out of his way to make sure we had a safe and timely drop off for our kids. Thank you!!”
– St. Catherine’s Church Youth Group.

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Featured Team Member : Rhonda

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Congratulations to our #DriverOfTheWeek, Rhonda! #SafetyFirst

“Mt. Dora has terrible parking for buses, but our driver did a great job. Rhonda is a very safe driver.” – Donna

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Featured Team Member : Mitch

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Congrats to our #DriverOfTheWeek, Mitch!

“Mitch was an excellent driver, and had great rapport with our students. His priority was getting us to and from our destinations SAFELY, and made sure it was fun too! He kept in great communication ensuring efficiency at boarding and unloading. I would HIGHLY recommend Mitch and would go on any adventure with him as the driver!” (with Annett Buses, of course!)

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Driver of the Week

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Huge congratulations to our #DriverOfTheWeek!

“Our driver was excellent! We would gladly have him again! Someone on the bus wasn’t feeling well on the way home and he called the next day to check on her on his own time – EXCELLENT employee!!” – Judy

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Driver of the Week

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Congratulations to our #DriverOfTheWeek!

“The driver was excellent. He was kind and very helpful, especially to those of our group who were mobility challenged. He was flexible as we had to change our lunch destination due to time constraint – due to an error on the requested start time for our trip.” – Tom

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Featured Team Member: “Big Country”

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Congrats to our #DriverOfTheWeek, “Big Country!”

“Big Country” was a blast. We hope we get him again on future trips. A real pleasure. – Glen

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Featured Team Member: Cindy

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Cindy is our #DriverOfTheWeek! Congrats!

“Cindy was so very professional and friendly. She provided great holiday music, gave us safety instructions and informed us of all the regulations. Most importantly she is an A-1 driver.” – Joan

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Featured Team Member: Jim

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Congratulations to our #DriverOfTheWeek!

“Jim is by far the most professional, courteous, knowledgeable, and safe drivers I have been privileged to ride with. I chaperone often and Jim makes every trip more special. Thank you, Jim!” – Karen

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