10 Fun Facts About Florida

Annett Bus Lines Core Values Safety First – Serve Others – Exceed Expectations – Enjoy the Journey 10 Fun Facts About Florida Approximately 46 million people visit Walt Disney Resort annually The first suntan lotion was invented by Benjamin Green in Miami Beach in 1944. Key West has the most bars per capita than any…


What Should Bus Drivers Know About Driving In The Rain?

Annett Bus Lines Core Values Safety First – Serve Others – Exceed Expectations – Enjoy the Journey What drivers should know about driving in the rain: Anticipate problems in first few minutes of rain and downpours. First 10 minutes of rain are the most dangerous due to oil from asphalt and cars. Even after heavy…


Our Top Thanksgiving Travel Tips

It goes without saying that traveling by bus can often times be a long journey. We’ve put together some suggestions to help you enjoy your bus trip while keeping with the “bus theme”. Entertainment: It’s always important to be prepared with lot of things to do. Make sure all your devices are charged and any…


Annett Gives Back

David Annett recently received recognition from the Highlands County Sherrif’s Department for Annett’s part in making it possible for community kids to go to camp last summer.   One of our Core Values is to “Serve Others”.  What better way to serve others than to provide transportation for young kids who may not have been…


Bolles chooses Annett

Annett is geared up for another exciting year of transporting The Bolles School Students in Jacksonville!  Friday, August 26th marked their first away football game.  Annett was in position and ready to “Serve Others” while “Exceeding Expectations”!   The Bolles team brought home their first win of the season with a score of 62 –…


Essential Questions

Essential Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Motorcoach Company 1.  How long has the company been in business? Find out when  Annett was established and their familiarity with the travel and tour business. 2.  Does the company carry the required amount of insurance? The Federal Department of Transportation requires 5 million dollars combined, single-limit liability. 3….


Summer Travels

Summer Travel takes us all over the United States!  It often times is just as exciting for us to visit these amazing locations as it is for you and your group.  Thank you for allowing Annett to be a part of your experiences.  We especially like it when we get pictures back of our bus…

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Annett TechTalk

Today’s technology has led to many improvements in driver and vehicle safety. To keep our company on the cutting edge of vehicle safety and technology, we have provided all of our drivers with state-of-the-art tablet computers. The new tablets enable us to be aware of road conditions, traffic alerts, and many other safety concerns more…


Still need a bus for this Spring?

If you still need a bus for Spring, we have you covered!  Be sure to call us today so that we can get you situated.  The best dates to travel in order to get the best rate are early week.   At Annett, we value Safety First!  Allow us to Serve You and Exceed your…


Honoring All Who Served

Honoring All Who Served In the spirit of celebrating Veterans Day next week, Annett Bus Lines would like to take the opportunity to extend our unwavering support of all who have served, and are currently serving, our great nation.  We are forever grateful for your courage and selfless service to protect and preserve the freedoms…